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    Shipping & Returns


    All shipping will be provided through USPS, unless customer wants to pay for overnight via FedEx or UPS. Rates will be based upon size of order. All standard shipping is included with the purchase of any Viroxyn Professional Use Bundle order (except the 12 two-pack bundle order which costs $9.00 to ship).


    Should you feel the need to return or exchange your Viroxyn Professional Use, regardless of reasoning, we will happily accept all returns. Call 1-800-398-9924 for any returns.

    • Any customer returning Viroxyn Professional Use must fill out a Product Return Form. Please call call 1-800-398-9924 to have the form e-mailed to you.
    • Should the customer no longer want the product, we will refund the price, but the customer will be held responsible for the cost of shipping the product to our offices.
    • If the product is damaged or empty of contents, Quadex will replace the Viroxyn Professional Use at no cost to the customer. If more than one package is damaged, the customer will be instructed to send the product back to Quadex for inspection, at this point, Quadex will send new product to customer.
    • If the product is damaged and the customer does not want it replaced, Quadex will refund the price of the product. Quadex will provide shipping labels for the product to be sent back. The customer will be refunded in full, for both product and shipping costs.
    • If a customer is in possession of product within six months of the expiration date (before or after), Quadex will replace an equal amount of the identical product at no cost. The customer must pay to have their expired or expiring product shipped back. Expired product will only be replaced, it cannot be returned for a refund.